The TFM Budivnytstvo company carries out a full range of construction and installation works for the rooms intended under objects of commercial real estate of any directions. The key feature is the specialization in small areas, usually not exceeding 200 sq.m.

One of the areas includes financial institutions, including branches of banks and pawnshops. These premises have objective features, which we have repeatedly encountered and provided for the performance of certain specific works, such as:

  • construction of armored walls and partitions within the premises;
  • installation of fire-proof and armored doors;
  • production and installation of armored double-glazed windows;
  • production of metal structures (along the perimeter of the walls) and related welding.

Among other things, there are a number of features in the installation of utility systems, for example: the system of ventilation and air recovery in closed cash offices and premises for customers should be organized in a certain way, and taking into account these nuances at the correct stage of construction and installation works is an extremely important task, directly affecting not only the financial costs but also the delivery time of the ready-to-use renovated premises.

We are also experienced in repairs of beauty salons, whether it is a hair salon, nail studio or barbershop.

These premises are quite small (20-50 sq.m.) but provide for the installation of specific types of plumbing and equipment, as well as lighting systems, which has its characteristics.

We should also mention medical laboratories and small medical centers. The construction of medical laboratories and institutions is becoming increasingly popular, since the idea of high-quality laboratory diagnostics and medical services of the European level has already been formed in the minds of the Ukrainian population and high demand, as they say, gives rise to supply not only among foreign holdings but also among domestic companies.

In particular, the repair of medical laboratories and medical centers, actively developing their offices in different cities of Ukraine, is also one of our activities.

The construction and repair of dental offices is another major field of our activity, remaining in high demand from year to year. The dental services, as a separate direction of the medical sphere, were the first to enter the private sector and continue to enjoy stable demand. And, as a rule, construction and installation works in this field can be performed in the shortest possible time period.

In any case, choosing contractors, materials and setting deadlines, one should always remember that any commercial premises initially have a much more intense load than residential premises, which means that the quality of work should be unambiguous and uncompromising. Our company performs the turnkey repair of commercial real estate of any complexity.

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Turnkey commercial property repair includes:

  • dismantling works of any complexity;
  • the construction of walls and partitions of various configurations and complexity, including armored;
  • installation of any internal engineering networks;
  • installation of any climatic equipment (air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, heating equipment, ventilation, recovery systems, etc.);
  • all types of finishing work (tile laying, painting, plastering, wallpaper, suspended ceilings, etc.);
  • installation of lighting;
  • assembly and arrangement of furniture;
  • installation of doors including armored and fire doors;
  • manufacture and installation of windows (metal-plastic, aluminum, armored);
  • metal fabrication and welding.


  • Saving on transportation costsSimultaneous delivery of various materials according to the schedule, given the stages of the processes
  • Reducing the timing of workSimultaneous work of various teams in one room: due to coherence and extensive experience in working together
  • Saving on administrative expensesThe manager simultaneously oversees several objects
  • Compliance with the conditions and guaranteesThe presence of an agreement with clear conditions, the availability of payment confirmation, liability for non-compliance with the terms of the agreement, guarantees according to the GOS

Regular brigade

  • High transportation costsAlmost daily delivery of materials due to lack of space for their storage
  • Increase in terms of performance of workThe work of various independent teams of workers, depending on the sequence of processes
  • Increase in administrative expensesSeparate foreman for each object
  • Doubtful guaranteesLack of unambiguous agreements, since there is no signed agreement and, as a result, lack of responsibility and guarantees for the work performed


  • Unforeseen transportation costsA lot of time spent on search, purchase, delivery organization, cost growth due to the lack of a clear budget and procurement system
  • Lack of specific deadlinesIt is difficult to independently search for contractors for various areas of work, difficult negotiation and ambiguous timing
  • Lack of direct administrative costsOffset by the cost of your personal time
  • Lack of guaranteesLack of contractual obligations with spontaneous contractors, lack of responsibility for non-compliance with deadlines for work and complete absence of guarantees


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TFM-BUD LLC has been operating since 2015 and is a part of the "Tehpidtrymka"