The share of state-owned enterprises in the overall structure of the pharmacy market is decreasing every year and today is only about 10% of the total number of pharmacies in Ukraine. This suggests that the pharmacy business is currently a popular form of commerce, which is not surprising: we have long concluded that a pharmacy near the house is no less necessary than a grocery store. Accordingly, the construction of pharmacies today is in high demand.

In most cases, pharmacies are located on the first floors of residential buildings, since this approach ensures a constant flow of customers among both residents of the house where the pharmacy is located and residents of neighboring houses.

There are several restrictions on repairs due to the location of pharmacies in residential buildings. As a rule, the area of premises used for pharmacies does not exceed 50 sq.m. and this fact, on the one hand, has a number of inconveniences for the process of construction and installation works, but on the other, the proper management of logistics and the work of the team of professionals allows one to perform repairs of pharmacies and other necessary tasks in the shortest possible time, despite the clearly established time range permissible for work.

Since in the vast majority of cases, pharmacies are located in residential buildings, the turnkey repair of pharmacies is reduced to redevelopment and arrangement of space inside the finished premises.

Turnkey pharmacy repair includes:

  • dismantling works necessary to free up the necessary space;
  • construction of walls or partitions inside the building;
  • installation of utility systems in the pharmacy;
  • assembling furniture.

Our company is ready to perform a full range of construction and installation works preceding the opening of pharmacies (both single and network) in any region of Ukraine.


  • Saving on transportation costsSimultaneous delivery of various materials according to the schedule, given the stages of the processes
  • Reducing the timing of workSimultaneous work of various teams in one room: due to coherence and extensive experience in working together
  • Saving on administrative expensesThe manager simultaneously oversees several objects
  • Compliance with the conditions and guaranteesThe presence of an agreement with clear conditions, the availability of payment confirmation, liability for non-compliance with the terms of the agreement, guarantees according to the GOS

Regular brigade

  • High transportation costsAlmost daily delivery of materials due to lack of space for their storage
  • Increase in terms of performance of workThe work of various independent teams of workers, depending on the sequence of processes
  • Increase in administrative expensesSeparate foreman for each object
  • Doubtful guaranteesLack of unambiguous agreements, since there is no signed agreement and, as a result, lack of responsibility and guarantees for the work performed


  • Unforeseen transportation costsA lot of time spent on search, purchase, delivery organization, cost growth due to the lack of a clear budget and procurement system
  • Lack of specific deadlinesIt is difficult to independently search for contractors for various areas of work, difficult negotiation and ambiguous timing
  • Lack of direct administrative costsOffset by the cost of your personal time
  • Lack of guaranteesLack of contractual obligations with spontaneous contractors, lack of responsibility for non-compliance with deadlines for work and complete absence of guarantees


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